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Custom Poem for Jess's Self-Growth Story

"The theme of my journey is personal growth, particularly that I can't control everything. My awareness came when I was a young adult but it stems from childhood. I grew up in an alcoholic home where my coping mechanism became control. I'm still on this journey but it's getting easier as I learn to trust the process" – Jess.

Whiskey's perfume

stained her little nose

planting a seed

in her mind's shadows

That tiny seed grew

with her body as one

rewriting her subconscious

as she played in the sun

Protecting her from

the aroma of home

the seed branched out

into her mind's unknown

Blooming from the shadows

as she came of age

the seed manifested

–a controlling rampage

Anxious and scared

from all things uncertain

a child's protection

an adult's burden

Retracing the branches

in her mind's elite

began the journey

of the seed's defeat

I need control

she once believed

stepping into the shadows

answers retrieved

There she found

the little girl

with the whiskey stained nose

the hidden pearl

She cradled the girl

who cradled the seed

Let go baby,

it's no longer in need

Inner child and Her

no longer distressed

as together they learned

to trust the process.

–Moonlight Moments

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