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My Body, My Choice

My short skirt

does not equal


Nor do my bare breasts

sign a contract

for free rights

over my body

No, my body

is my sole right

And with that right

comes the privilege

of self-expression

for self-empowerment

I am a woman

who celebrates her body

not for attention

but for pride

I am a woman

who shames the system

that lectures us

to watch what we wear

so we're not "asking for it"

I am a woman

who will never listen

to this victim blaming society.

What I wear

to express my-formidable-self

does NOT sign away

my sole right

to my body

I will not be taught

to dress conservatively

when They aren't taught

to respect women

The narrative needs to change:

stop targeting the prey

start targeting the predators

It should be a crime

to take away our freedom

when They aren't taught

that we aren't toys

Enough is enough

change the narrative.

Photo: AMPM Images

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