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Custom Love Poem for Elle and Michael's Love Story

"Michael and I did long distance for a year upon meeting each other. I fell in love with his brain and words. We had a mental list of things we wanted to do together, which he surprised me with in physical book form when we were finally together in London. When we said we loved each other it brought a lot of complications because I was leaving in a few short months to go back home. We knew it was best to let each other go so we left goodbye notes - his last line was "I'm better having met you". The first 6 months without him was painful. The next 6 months I came around to us never getting back together. He surprised me on Christmas saying he wanted to move to Australia to be with me. Our love story continues!" – Elle.

Before this wild journey her life was ruled by reason any change to her grand plan –punishable by treason Then came him: the embodiment of change pushing her like never before she wanted him, her timeline didn't her Mind and Heart waged war One whole year without his touch she only had his words turns out, that was enough her love for him grew absurd Together again in London

anxiously waiting, she shook there he was, gift in hand Elle, we're gonna need a bigger book Thus, The List commenced

her Heart winning the war months flew by, families were met You're everything I've looked for I love you. Who knew such pure words would cause such pain Mind fired at Heart's wounds they'd be apart again Reason prevailed, the war was won

this feeling wasn't new his words would always ignite her love I'm better having met you One whole year without him

this time thieved of hope proud and brave, she ensured he saw but really, she didn't cope As she almost closed their chapter he surprised her on her screen reviving hope, he smiled and said There'll be no more seas between

In the end, Heart conquered Mind they finally broke the cycle it's time he knows, he was worth it all her sweet, sweet Michael

– Moonlight Moments

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